Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

Real Estate Success Podcast is your ultimate source of tips and strategies that can help you short cut your path to success. Learn about what success is, why you want it and the journey you will take on your way to achieving amazing results. Real Estate Success Podcasts cover all aspects of real estate including realtor strategies, wholesaling houses, flipping houses, creative financing, private lending, self-directed IRAs and more! Each episode will expand your thinking and help you succeed massively. Join your host, real estate investor, author and entrepreneur, Jim Ingersoll, as he shares his vast knowledge of successfully implemented strategies, techniques and tips. Each weekly podcast guest will introduce you to a variety of successful business people involved in various areas of real estate.
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Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll


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May 24, 2016

Subject To Deals

Enjoy this week's episode with Michael Jake on doing subject to deals (sub 2 deal), going full time in real estate and so much more!

In this Investor Success Podcast episode we cover

  • How Michael transitioned to full-time real estate
  • What is a subject to deal aka "sub 2 deal"
  • Sub 2 deal criteria - Make sure the house will pay for itself!
  • How to overcome seller objections of a sub 2 deal - Benefits, objections and becoming a "Don't Wanter"
  • Re-positioning houses strategy
  • Mentors who have helped on the road to success - William Bronchik, Jeffrey Taylor, Jack Miller, John Schaub, Peter Fortunato, Dyches Boddiford...



May 12, 2016

Investing In Self Storage

Enjoy this week's episode about investing in self storage with special guest, Alia Ott


In this Investor Success Podcast episode we discuss:

  • Why invest in Self Storage assets and how to finance them
  • How mismanagement & high vacancy can create great opportunities
  • How to find a sweet spot for self storage investing
  • Reverse engineering your lifestyle
  • Value add strategies (Forced Appreciation/re-positioning properties)
  • Value of Relationships in Real Estate Investing
  • Thinking BIGGER
May 5, 2016

The Solo 401k for Real Estate Investors

Enjoy this week’s episode with Dorsie Boddiford as we dive deep into investing with Solo 401k plans.

In this Investor Success Podcast episode we cover:

  • How Dorsie left college with her Construction degree and jumped right into full time investing
  • How Realtors, Contractors, Investors and Entrepreneurs can benefit from a Solo 401k plan
  • Process for opening a Solo 401k
  • Contribution limits for Solo 401k
  • How the Roth component works
  • Specific investing strategies that can be used with this type of a self directed account
  • Dorsie's success tip for young entrepreneurs - you will love this :)
  • How wrap around financing works and why you want to learn this strategy!