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Real Estate Success Podcast is your ultimate source of tips and strategies that can help you short cut your path to success. Learn about what success is, why you want it and the journey you will take on your way to achieving amazing results. Real Estate Success Podcasts cover all aspects of real estate including realtor strategies, wholesaling houses, flipping houses, creative financing, private lending, self-directed IRAs and more! Each episode will expand your thinking and help you succeed massively. Join your host, real estate investor, author and entrepreneur, Jim Ingersoll, as he shares his vast knowledge of successfully implemented strategies, techniques and tips. Each weekly podcast guest will introduce you to a variety of successful business people involved in various areas of real estate.
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Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll



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Jun 23, 2016

Success In Life, Websites and More With Trevor Mauch

Enjoy this week's episode about Real Estate Websites, Inbound Internet Marketing and finding your personal passions with special guest, Trevor Mauch, founder of the software company, Carrot


In this week's Investor Success Podcast we discuss:

  • How Trevor was originally inspired to start-up Carrot
  • The importance of finding your passion and mission
  • How to find your own turning points in business and life that will inspire you to keep moving forward everyday
  • The importance that mindset has on your success
  • Why you should "always do your best"
  • How to take care of the small things so everything falls in place, attract new opportunities and make a bigger impact
  • The "Thread of Awesomeness" and why it is important to talk to your customers
  • How & why  the entrepreneurial co-work space (theLoft) was created
  • The new report based on over 3,000,000 searches of investor based buying houses keywords (free download!)


Web Resources:

Investor Carrot:

Free Investor Carrot Download: PPC Marketing Guide and Keywords Report For Real Estate Investors



Jun 14, 2016

Top 3 Reasons To Stop Using Banks To Buy Houses and Start Investing With Private Lenders

Enjoy this week's podcast episode about the why you should stop using banks for your real estate investments

 In this week's Investor Success Podcast we discuss:

  • Why you want to finance privately vs. the banks
  • How to create your own bank investing with retirement accounts (self-directed IRAs)
  • How to start networking to grow your private lender base
  • Positioning yourself to begin to attract money for your deals
  • Why you want to eliminate your hard money lender and make money more on your next flip
Jun 2, 2016

Crowd Funding And Raising Capital The Right Way

Enjoy this week's episode with special guest, Jillian Sidoti, as we talk about raising private money the right way.

In this week's Investor Success Podcast we discuss:

  • What is a security and why does it matter to real estate investors?
  • What is crowdfunding and does it work for raising capital for real estate?
  • The difference between crowdfunding sites (begging, selling a service and full-service)
  • What is a fund, how is it created, when does it make sense and how much does it cost
  • The difference between confidence and desperation when raising money
  • What not to do when marketing
  • 4 Words to never use OR you may get a notice from the SEC